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MINILAMPE and train interior renovation

Today, train renovation projects are no longer about dismantling equipment, cleaning, repairing and repainting each piece before reassembling.
Now when we talk about renovation, this means upgrading.
The changes made during refurbishment extend train life cycle, add new functions and improve their performance.

MINILAMPE has long term experience in designing and manufacturing interior lighting solutions for refurbishment.
Upgrade means to replace the existing lightings by LED Plug & Play solutions, which leads to reducing the maintenance costs and saving energy.

Indeed, during train mid-life maintenance operations, the original interior lightings are often no longer available. This is the reason why MINILAMPE offers LED retrofit as a solution to obsolescence.

Upgrading trains also means new lighting functions that bring more comfort to passengers.

For example, as part of the renovation of the first class TGV DUPLEX, MINILAMPE, in partnership with interior equipment manufacturers, has created no less than 4 lighting functions on the new seat (reading light, lighting for folding table with dimmer touch switch, USB lighting, Under seat lighting), all independent from each other.

MINILAMPE upgrades by innovating and offers mood and well-being lighting, with colors & luminous intensity changing light but also IOT serving predictive maintenance.

Identifying the light functions ‘failures‘ or retracing the usage time information of each lighting system optimizes maintenance and reduces train downtime and human intervention.
Knowing the number of lighting starts and their life expectancy enable to anticipate their replacement and thus obtain a better inventory management.
In region (Occitanie), MINILAMPE is at the heart of renovation issues such as the AGC trains, and this extends to the national level and well beyond our borders, such as the TER2NPG Z23500 & the REGIO2N renovation projects, and the high speed and commuter trains refurbishment in Algeria (SNTF).

Do not hesitate to contact MINILAMPE for all your lighting projects and to bring you solutions to obsolescence.