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MINILAMPE EXPERIENCE Past and present experience is always a setting-up to the future experience…

The word “Experience” we associate with our logo on our various media and communication messages alone claims all the promises of Minilampe. The particular handwritten design of our signature places the human being at the centre of our ambitions.

MINILAMPE, it is 70 years of practising our knowledge of lighting business. It is also the transmission of a unique know-how that evolves as a tribute to memory. 135 years ago, electricity came into the houses. …

To confirm our knowledge in lighting, it was first necessary to experiment these theoretical knowledge and train again and again thus be able to design, manufacture and supply bespoke lighting solutions all over the world.

But experience is not reduced to the technical mastery of a know-how. It comes first and foremost by the “truth of the experience”, i.e. men and women of experience at Minilampe who know their job.

Over time, we have lived in the rhythm of technological innovations and acquired new knowledge about light sources.
Minilampe Experience is the action that goes through innovation. It is to be in the constant movement of the light to make it intelligent, It is not enough to imagine that one could do … One must know how to do.

However, it should be noted that specifications submitted to us has a purpose to put into practice the unique know-how of Minilampe in France and therefore the reason to learn from our experience.

We are Minilampe Experience …